Jarvis Gray

Jarvis lives a somewhat passive and easygoing existence in the forest with his gruff grandfather, he asks for little, and humbly will allow himself even less.  He’s very aware that the forest he lives in is a bit odd compared to most he’s seen, but soon things that inhabit this forest start acting on their own accord, soon the  very shadows of the trees themselves will become a living nightmares.

Kinnaird Gray

Kinnaird is the joking boastful grandfather of Jarvis, he’s very well tempered for someone his age, and see’s his grandson more as not only a relative, but his closest friend.  While the story unfolds, it becomes very apparent that his life, before raising Jarvis was very different.


Little is known about Templeton, visibly he has a hunting knife lodged deep into his head, and the knife was angrily placed there by Kinnaird, many years ago.  He’s an oddly optimistic sociopath, and appears very well versed in the arts of conversation.  Templeton has a bit of business with Jarvis, and it’s very obvious to say that his grandfather has a few words to say about that.